August 8, 2017

Senate Inquiry into Non-Conforming Products

August 8, 2017

– The Senate Inquiry into Non-conforming Building Products –

There are three elements that are required to protect Australian’s from fire; conforming products, conforming people and enforcements. This was emphasised by Scott Williams’, CEO of FPA Australia during the Senate Inquiry into non-conforming building products, held in Sydney mid July ’17. FPA Australia was 1 out of 75 submitter’s to have made a submission in the earlier stages in 2015 and was invited to attend the conference.

The inquiry into non-conforming building products was opened in June 2015 and the Economics References Committee had since requested 7 extensions. Two years on, the committee is stretched to have the final report by 31st October 2017.

The use of non-conforming building products in the construction sector is a growing problem for the industry. With manufactured offshore products becoming competitively cheaper and easier to access by the year, it highlights the desperate need to focus on managing product compliance.

To often, these products are not obvious at the time of construction and consequently left unnoticed until only after there has been a failure. However, it still goes without saying that the importance of strengthening the industries installers, technicians and certifiers is just as prominent.

Not much can be said about the inquiry until the report is released in late October, but what can, is the avoidable failure of “unregulated control” which has been clearly represented in the recent tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire.

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