January 25, 2018

“Harbourview Mansions”, Point Piper 2027

2A Wentworth St, Point Piper 2027
Martin & Spork Pty Ltd
Owner’s Rep
Martin & Spork Pty Ltd


Fire Safety Constructions (FSC) were awarded the fire safety upgrade throughout this classic boutique art deco complex. The residential building is comprised of 20 units over 5 levels, which the 5th level concedes its own penthouse.

The works are in result of a fire order, then put to a tender in mid 2017. To which the scope of works involved numerous fire stopping measures typical to an older residential building. The scope of works was also combined with non-fire stopping requirements, including new false ceilings in the lobbies and new carpet linings, accomplished to preserve the exquisite features of the property.

As commonly done, works have been done in stages accordingly to the fire order and scope of works provided. Allowing reduced inconvenience to residents.

First stage of works involved various fire passive works; encasing services and risers, sealing voids and installing fire collars. Also scheduled was the rectification of the main switchboard doors and electrical upgrade works to start.

Second stage of works to commence, briefly included balustrade rectification, replacement of SOU entry doors and frames. As well as the construction of a new fire rated wall, door and frame within the fire isolated stairs.

Third phase combined of planning and installing the lobby false ceilings, followed by electrical works. This included an improved lighting setup to renovated lobby ceilings, an upgrade to the building’s emergency lighting, exit signage, fire detection and alarm systems.

Fire Safety Measures

  • Fire Doors and Solid Core Frames
  • Passive Fire Stopping
  • Balustrade Rectification
  • Emergency lighting & Exit Signage
  • Fire detection & Alarm System
  • Non-slip Stair Treads