Unique aspects

Fire Safety Constructions recognises the unique aspects of building work in occupied premises whether they are residential or commercial. We aim to minimise the impact on residents and tenants, and respect their privacy at all times. This is achieved by minimising visually exposed work, enforcing higher than normal standards of house keeping, flexible programming and staging of the works if required. We have built up a team of tradesmen and subcontractors who share this approach.


Fire Safety Constructions was established in response to a need by building owners, owner’s corporations and strata managers to effectively carry out fire safety upgrade work. We have carried out fire safety upgrade work since 1999 and are the only contractor to specialise exclusively in this field. The company is committed to flexibility, quality workmanship and harmonious client relations.

State legislation requires Councils to have a program in place to inspect and act upon premises that do not meet minimum safety requirements. This has led to a number of premises requiring upgrades to ensure the safety of tenants, users and neighbours. Additionally, some building owners are voluntarily upgrading their premises, particularly during renovations or tenancy changes, to reduce the risk of injury or loss of life and to increase the building value. The procedure for fire safety upgrade works is described in the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act (1979) and Regulation (2000).

Consultancy services

Fire Safety Constructions has access to consultancy services who can assist the fire safety process by negotiating with Council, providing documentation and certifying the completed works. This service is valuable in situations where the scope of works is not defined, the level of compliance is negotiable or in the event of voluntary upgrades.

Type of work

We have experience in all aspects of fire safety upgrades and general contracting work. Typically fire safety upgrade work will involve a combination of the following – fire rated doors, smoke detection and fire alarm systems, exit and emergency lighting, electrical testing, gas testing, fire hydrants, fire hose reels, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, stair pressurisation systems, fire rated walls, fire resistant finishes and all associated building works. We generally offer a 12 months maintenance period for essential services. Often building owners take the opportunity to undergo other building work simultaneously.


Fire Safety Constructions will provide Final Fire Safety Certificates for new essential services and where required can issue Annual Fire Safety Statements. We carry Contract Works Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance and Home Warranty Insurance where required. Certificates of Currency are available on request.



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