April 3, 2017

‘Building B5 Plant Room’, 62-72 Queen St, Auburn 2144

April 3, 2017

– ‘Building B5 Plant Room Works’, 62-72 Queen St, Auburn 2144

The B5 Plant Room work is part of the overall fire safety upgrade works to the residential buildings A-D at 62-72 Queen St, Auburn Central 2144. The complex is within the heart of Auburn and has been appointed to Fire Safety Constructions in stages, with an expected overall fire upgrade cost of approx. $2m. To find out more about this project CLICK HERE.

The B5 plant room work is the final stage of the Building B upgrade and involves some specialised products to achieve compliance. The scope of works for this roof space requires compartmentation and fire rating of all service penetrations including PVC pipes, electrical conduits, exhaust shafts and duct work. See below photos of existing non-compliant items.

Compartmentation was achieved by a fire rated ceiling and the steel columns were encased using Trafalgar Maxilite 30 board. PVC pipe and electrical service penetrations were rectified using traditional fire rated collar/mastic solutions.

Fire rating the exhaust system and ductwork was a much greater job. There are 16 ducts that extend through the building to residential and commercial areas. The scope allowed two options – fire spray or fire wrap – to achieve FRL -/90/90. We proceeded with the wrap option, Trafalgar Firewrap and underwent training with Trafalgar’s fire engineers to ensure that installation was per manufacturers test reports and was compliant.

See the below progress and completed photos for further information.

Fire Safety Constructions are always on the look out for new fire rating products that make retrofit solutions more practical.


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